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December 28, 2011 No comments

Back after a weekend of holiday celebrations. How is everyone? I've been doing nothing but eat and sleep these days.. but I guess it's alright since it's the holidays anyway. (Though I really should think of how to get rid of all this added weight come January..) Over the past two days though, I got to go out and buy a few presents for myself for being a good girl this year. But before that, I thought I'd do a mini-review for two of my new NYX lippies.

NYX Round Lipstick in Eros(536) and Nyx (#507).

This is so confusing. NYX Round Lipstick in Nyx?

Eros (L) and Nyx (R). The former is not so new, I actually got it a month before.

Swatches. (Sorry if it's a bit blurred, it's so hard to take photos with one hand..)

Eros is a nice bright red. Extremely bright even, if you put it full-on on your lips. It has orange undertones and could be that fire engine red you're looking for. It does contain a bit of golden shimmer, but not so much that it makes your lips super glittery. I've worn this several times now and I love it to death. Even more so than my Etude House Look At My Lips #6. Just love love love. If you're looking for a nice alternative to MAC's Lady Danger (which I originally wanted but could never bring myself to buy), this is the one for you.

Nyx, on the other hand, was an impulsive buy. I was actually looking for a coral lippie, and I read that Femme from the RLS line was nice, but unfortunately it was sold out at the store where I got mine. So I bought the one that was close to the shade instead, which was Nyx. At first I was so scared if I could pull it off because looking at the tube up close, you'll see that it has so much shimmer, much more than Eros. But surprisingly it looked really good on my lips (no photos, sorry). Maybe because I'd just exfoliated, haha. Wearing this with chapped lips would magnify the chapped-ness (what) by 9999. But other than that, this is a really nice orange lippie, perfect for summer.

I can't post any photos of the lippies on me at the moment, because I'm not able to take photos of my face for some reasons.. but I'll edit this post soon once I do get to take photos. Moving on~ Here are some of the stuff I was able to buy for myself yesterday!

Super kawayu cream-colored top. The peter pan collar--I cannot resisttt!

Liz Lisa mini-dress. (Dunno if you can tell, but I'm a Liz Lisa hoarder!)

Snidel polka-dot dress. I pulled it out to see the design, and looked at the tiny tag and it said Snidel~
So lucky! And it even has wood buttons! Definitely my favorite find of the day!

Lowrys Farm skort. Thought these looked really nice but had second thoughts on the way home.
I was checking the inside while I was taking pics and I saw that it was actually from Lowrys Farm~~

A few more things.. Bershka bolero, and two dresses from brands whose names I forgot.
A couple of these will be included in the stuff I'm selling come January.

Anddd, last but not least, Vivienne Westwood bag~ It looks a bit worn on the bottom, but otherwise still really nice!

If anyone's wondering, yes, all of these were found in thrift stores. Well, just one. I actually shop everywhere, though I tend to spend more time inside thrift stores than places like malls and such. The only other places I go to these days are department stores and Forever21, but that's only to look. I usually just go in and out because I don't really want to spend so much on something that everyone else is going to be wearing. Don't get me wrong, I do like Forever21, but I don't like it so much that everything I own is from them. I only have.. two pieces, I think? Or three. I don't really know. But the aesthetic of Japanese brands like Lowrys Farm and Liz Lisa appeal to me more than F21, so I spend more time hunting those down rather than waiting for sales at malls. Also, there's something about looking through rows and rows of clothes that make shopping for clothes more exciting.

On another note, I realized that a lot of people have become interested in my mori finds from thrift stores and various places such as BF Ruins and such. So, I've decided to finally go through with that online shop I started way back but didn't quite work out. Only this time I’m starting over. New name, new look, new everything. The shop will mostly sell mori girl and natural kei pieces, handpicked from various sources by yours truly. I know a lot of people who want to try mori but are too scared because they think that the style is too hot for our bipolar weather. Natural kei enthusiasts needn’t worry; the pieces that I’ll be selling are very wearable and very affordable. Please do look out for it next year!

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