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December 14, 2011 No comments

Brown Bag Market is a flea market of sorts that aims to provide a platform for social entrepreneurs to showcase their products. It's my kind of market, as a lot of things sold are handmade goods. I'm a sucker for anything made with heart. Sadly though, the date of the Brown Bag Market coincided with the second day of Technoteapot, so I had no plans of going. Buttt when I learned that Fika Fika Fika, a local online shop that stocks handmade goodies (and quite possibly my new favorite online shop), was going to be there, I went crazy. I immediately purchased two items from their shop and e-mailed them if I could maybe drop by the Brown Bag Market and just pick my items up there. She said yes. Yay! I get to go to the event + save up on shipping.

The Brown Bag Market was sooo nice. So many handmade goods, I was right not to bring money! I would've spent everything there in a heartbeat. I went around the venue while Aian.. bought ice cream, haha! Some shops that I really liked were The Camera Strap Project, Alunsina Hardbound Books, Obra Paduding, Fika Fika Fika, and of course, Anagon Collection! Too bad I wasn't able to see Ana, because we left right away for Technoteapot. The last image above was my package from Fika Fika Fika. The tiny flag was so cute! I love packaging that pays a lot of attention to detail like that. It feels a lot more personal, in a way. Even if it's just something small, I really like it. Now onto the contents of the package!

First issue I got is #40 Mar-Apr 2011.

Photos of interiors. I love these.

Pieces inspired by One Piece from a clothing line by a Thai designer. So cute!

My favorite article- the interview with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman.

Second issue is #41 May-June 2011.

An article on Lonely Hearts, a New Zealand based brand that I really like.

Lovely article on artist couples' weddings. So, so inspiring.

I first saw Frankie on an entry by one of the Australian bloggers that I follow, and I immediately got curious. After scouting magazine shops hoping to find even just a back-issue, I'd just about given up. But when I found out that Fika Fika Fika carried this wonderful magazine, I went ahead and bought two issues. I love it. The inside is pretty natural and laid-back, and the content isn't just about fashion. A lot of the content is very meaningful, and topics range from artist weddings to surviving 30 days without beer to the difference between herbs and spices. I love it~

Thank you so much to Fika Fika Fika for bringing Frankie Magazine closer to me! I'll be buying more items and future issues from you soon. For those in the Philippines interested in this magazine, head on over to the shop to get your copy

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