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November 23, 2011 No comments

Last Saturday was spent with Aian and friends at Bayanihan Center in Pasig for this year's Komikon. For those not familiar with the event, Komikon is a yearly gathering of comic artists and enthusiasts from all over the country. (It's kind of like our country's version of Malaysia's Comic Fiesta or Japan's Comiket, though not quite at that level yet.) Because our friend Noko's group Inkjinks was selling indie comics at the event, Aian and I went to show our support~ And to look for promising new indies and merchandise that we could purchase as well. Here are some photos from that day.

...I noticed a lot of my photos were of merchandise and of Noko's drawings. Was a bit too fascinated with that, I think. Too fascinated that I completely forgot to take photos of the people I was with again. So sorry! People-watching has kind of become a habit these days.

And because Aian and I had a lot of free time, as we weren't required to watch Mangaholix's booth or anything, I went ahead and pulled him outside to take some photos while we still had a bit of sun left. This is what I wore for that day, a hippie x mori-mix look ☮

Lonely Planet maxi dress, graphic print T-shirt, vintage crochet vest, Saizen ankle socks, from US leather sandals, bead bracelets + dream catcher necklace.

Really simple layered look. I wanted to be comfortable enough to be able to walk around the place (hence, no heels or platforms) and keep myself warm against the intense power of the air conditioning at Bayanihan Center (I nearly froze myself to death last year.) without having to wear a jacket, since it was going to be hot outside the venue. The vest and shirt over dress combi worked well enough, surprisingly!

Of course, I took a couple of photos of Aian as well. Because we wanted to take advantage of the setting sun and the bokeh from backlit trees hoho~

Aaaaaand it's plugging time! Aian and I are inviting you to TECHNOTEAPOT: A Gothic and Steampunk Tea Party, an art exhibit featuring the works of Dione D'Souza, Maku Felix, and Isobel Francisco. The exhibit will be in LRI Design Plaza in Makati, where it will be open to the public for three days (December 8 - 10). More than just an exhibit, TECHNOTEAPOT is a glamorous tea party that will feature live performances, stylized refreshments, exclusive works and merchandise from talented partners and participants, and elegant service courtesy of Dokissaten Maid & Butler Café.

Being a part of Dokissaten myself (and as a friend to these wonderful trio of artists), I'll be there on the 8th and 9th. I won't be serving though! I'll only be there to show my support.. and to take photos! I wanted to be there on all three days, but on the 10th I'll be in Maquiling School Inc., Los Baños, Laguna with Luisa for Shuuren: Nippon Wonderland, an event organized by UP Japanology Society. (More on that event soon.) Please do come! Everyone is invited to come in their most spectacular gothic / steampunk attire! I'll be on the look out for the most fabulously-dressed people at the event, so who knows, I might just approach you for a photo for my blog! More info on the event here. See you there loves!

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