baby, blow it, bang bang you're dead

November 27, 2011 No comments

Forever 21 hoodie, Pack This! lace top, DIY ripped denim shorts and black thigh-highs, AsianVogue creepers, Vivienne Westwood bag.

Pretty much what I wore on my last outfit post (which was ages ago, I believe), only tweaked a tiny bit. I did mention I wanted to do a full lace look and wear it with lace Litas, but I think this is much better. Very much Zipper inspired, by the way! Creepers = ♡ ♡ ♡

Those lovely shoes are a very late birthday gift to myself, by the way. Not really my first choice (nor my second and third.. my fifth actually!) from AsianVogue, but I love them so much. Makes me kind of glad that my other choices weren't in stock when I ordered, heh.

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