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October 13, 2011 No comments

Thrifted Bunka cardigan and cream lace dress, Accessorize floral lace tights, from Korea platform heels,
Anagon Collection headband, medicine bottle necklace, wooden rosary worn as a bracelet, from Cubao X dragon ring.

This was what I wore to the Kultura Filipino Holiday 2011 event. Because I knew Kultura mostly holds hand-made goods and crafts, I decided to go with an earthy palette with a sweeter mori feel, so I went with brown and cream. I really like how the colors of my outfit go together, but I feel like I could've worn better tights or not worn any tights at all. The cream dress + white tights combo doesn't really work for me, as I think only ballerinas (or girls with slimmer thighs, anyway) could pull that look off. Too bad though, cos the lace on lace would've looked really pretty if only my tights were.. I don't know, peach or something. I'll probably be doing another look similar to this one in the future, only better styled. :)

By the way, I know I haven't been posting any of my personal or inspiration posts as of late because I've been getting a lot of sponsored posts and I've been busy with my giveaways and various events, but I promise to do the best I can to balance out the personal and sponsored posts in my blog. In the meantime, please watch out for my upcoming review of GEO Café Mimi Macchiato and part 4 of my birthday giveaway series-- which I'll be putting up this weekend :)

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