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September 9, 2011 No comments

Forever 21 crochet knit sweater, gifted white lace top, Enigma cape, DIY ripped denim shorts,
Topshop heart over knee tights, thrifted moccasin boots, faux turtleshell geek glasses, Penshoppe black wooden cross necklace,.medicine bottle necklace, Vivienne Westwood plaid sling bag.

What I wore for the MANGO F/W 2011 Fashion Show. The dress code for the night was luxe grunge, which I'd only heard of for the first time when I got the invitation. At a loss for ideas and contemplating whether I should just go in whatever I feel like or not, I consulted Google and it led me to this definition via Wikipedia:

Luxe Grunge (also known as boho-chic or "luxe bohemian") is a chicer updated grunge-boho collection; an unkempt approach to wardrobe, popularized by celebrities such as the Olsen twins.

The Olsen twins. As much as I love Mary-Kate and Ashley and their boho-chic style, I had no idea how to go about coming up with an outfit that would both follow the dress code and still have my mori aesthetics. After a few hours just browsing on the internet, I noticed that some of the main elements of the trend were long layers, oversized sweaters and capes, feathers and furs and skins, muted palettes, and a looot of plaid.. pretty much my closet except the last part. Even with this, I found it hard to find a main piece for my outfit. But then I found this adooorable sweater from Forever 21, and I decided to start from there. Needless to say, I had fun with the layering part. Layer upon layer upon layer. Makes me want to experience autumn and winter for myself. Decided to wear tiny bits of black to add to the grunge part, haha! What do you think? :)

I'd like to take this time to thank my awesome boyfriend and best friend Aian for always supporting me in all this fashion blogging stuff. I'm not much of a fashion blogger, as I am a photographer first, but fashion is something that I just fell in love with and will love for a long time. There are just no words as to how thankful I am for having someone who supports me in everything that I do (and is game to go to fashion shows.. and even dress up for it!). Also, I keep getting a lot of questions from people asking me who takes my outfit photos.. and now you know! :)

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