my photo in The Philippine Star

September 11, 2011 No comments

If you follow me on Twitter, I'm pretty sure you saw my little fangirl spiel last Thursday after having my outfit during the MANGO Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show photographed by the Daryl Chang. For those not in the know (or not from the Philippines), Daryl Chang is the Fashion Editor of Preview Magazine, one of the biggest magazines in the country. She's one of my favorite fashion people, as I simply adore her vision and personal style. (Not to mention she absolutely rocks platinum blonde hair!) So after being photographed by her at the event, I was so floored. Even more so when I found out that my photo from that night turned up in yesterday's issue of The Philippine Star.

You can read the full article here.

It's always a great feeling being able to catch the attention of people you look up to. It makes me happy to know that the people I admire like my and appreciate my style, in a way. So, so awesome. :)

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