coffee illustrations by Lily X

August 17, 2011 No comments

Not a lot of people know this, but aside from my love for drinking coffee, I also have a thing for coffee-related art. I actually have a growing collection of brochures from coffee shops (mostly from Starbucks) at home. You know, the ones that explain the different coffee drinks? I find them really cute.

The super cute illustrations you see above are by Lily X, an illustrator from Singapore. They're part of her Coffee Project, a documentation of every single coffee that she drinks. Kind of like a Project 365, but with one entry for each cup she's had. She plans to stop at the 99th cup, and says that she might even make it into a zine at the end of the project. I really hope she pushes through with it; I'd love to have it in my collection in the near future ♥

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