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August 2, 2011 No comments

My share of photos from a shoot two weeks ago. It was for Ana and her comeback collection for her shop Anagon Collection, and I tagged along as her +1. The shoot also featured clothes from Trunk Show and shoes from Asian Vogue. Models were Jessa Ang, Jesrhel Co (who most of you might remember from my past shoots for Anagon Collection), and Dianne Dequina. Make-up by Grace Ambrocio; concept and overall direction by Kisty Mea.

I initially planned to just take behind-the-scenes photos, but Kisty was kind enough to let me take a few photos of the models myself. I only took very few photos though, as I feel it's just right that I don't take so many photos from a shoot that isn't really mine. I find it kind of bothersome to the photographer. (Also, because I was too shy to take photos of Jessa and Dianne who I've just met that day.) Anyway. Outtakes from the shoot ahead:

Grace's arsenal. Learned a lot just from watching her work!

The girls getting the shoes ready.

Hello cutie! Grace's cute poodle, Russell.

Some of the accessories Ana brought for the shoot.

Je fixing her braid. So envious of her long hair!

Kisty and Je working on the styling onJessa.

Smiling for Kisty's camera.

Our lovely models: Jessa, Jesrhel, Dianne.

Had a lot of fun during this shoot, despite the shooting in the humid weather and braving the crazy payday Friday rush to commute to the North and back. Adventures where I can meet and take photos of awesome people are always a fun experience :) More photos from this shoot on Kisty's site here.

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