here comes the sun

August 5, 2011 No comments

American Rag sheer gradient top, Z' by Kitterick floral scribble print skirt,
hand-me-down yellow-orange sandals, DIY medicine bottle necklace.

Some of you must have already noticed from my previous entry how much I absolutely hate the rainy season and the depression it brings me, and how much I've been wanting and wishing to see the sun again. Imagine my excitement when I woke up yesterday to see that there wasn't a cloud in sight, and everything was bright and lovely outside! Might have been a bit too excited, actually, as I immediately reached for whatever summery colors I could find and put them together to make a cheery summer outfit, despite it being the middle of the rainy season here in Manila.

So happy I finally got to wear this skirt, by the way, which I got from Domz of Konichiwear at Bloggers United. I've been wanting to wear it for the longest time but with it being high-waisted, I never really knew how to wear it without sacrificing the mori aesthetic. Finally got the idea of wearing it under a cropped top instead, after looking through a few pages of Papier vol.5 and Vintage Mix Girls. What do you guys think? :)

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