flower headband + photoshoot with Donna and Luisa

August 19, 2011

Long shirt and aztec dress, both thrifted; Topman socks, Converse sneakers,

Cole Vintage satchel, Accessorize headband from Yapo.

I'm sure most of you are getting tired of seeing my red aztec dress already; it's pretty much my most overused item of clothing as of late. I just love this dress. I can wear it anytime, as a dress or as a skirt or whatever. I should probably go shopping for a new dress soon though, as I'm scared the lace details on this dress might get ruined if I keep wearing it over and over. But yeah, the only reason I posted this outfit is because I'm wearing my pretty floral headband from Yapo! She saw that I posted about Accessorize and its floral items ages ago, and bought this for me and sent it to my mail when she saw it~ Thank you so so much Yaps! Love you forevar! ♥

Finally got back to shooting people, by the way! It's been sooo long since I last had a shoot with an actual model, so this was a kind of refresher. Good thing it was with Luisa and Donna, two of my most favorite girls~ The shoot happened last Wednesday, and was actually for Luisa's finals exhibit for school, but she asked if I can come and help. Had so much fun with these girls! And Donna is always a pleasure to shoot. Looking forward to my next photoshoot with these two! More photos from this one will be posted soon, right after Luisa posts the rest of hers. :)

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