photodiary // August 11th

August 14, 2011 No comments

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by Sese to join a meeting regarding an event that their team was working on, which was to be held in line with the Japanese Manga exhibit at Ayala Museum (MANGA REALITIES: The Art of Japanese Comics). We had the meeting in the morning, and though I was an hour late because of faulty cellphone alarms (thank you Luisa bb, for waking me up!) and heavy Makati traffic I was able to catch up with everyone, thankfully. It's going to be pretty big and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give away information about it at the moment, but I am so very excited for what's going to happen! I'll update you guys on that as soon as everything's set, I promise!

That same day, I also had the pleasure of accompanying Aian to a little teaching stint at SDA. He was asked by his boss, who teaches at SDA, to give a lecture of sorts on coloring to his class. I went along, supposedly as his "assistant," though all I did was sit at the back and listen to the lecture with Denise and her friends. It was fun though, even though I kinda got bored halfway. (I blame my goldfish-like attention span.) It was kind of weird how I already knew the stuff he talked about too, from watching him work countless times. Sadly though, not a lot of the students were listening. Which was funny cos Denise and her friends who came to sit in during the class were paying more attention to the lecture than the students who were actually in the class. Most of them were just browsing Tumblr or chatting on Facebook, lol. (Oh well, their loss.)

If anyone's interested by the way, Aian has some of his process work posted on his blog here and here. Figured since a lot of artist people follow this blog, I might as well let you guys know :)

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