mori boy by Edrick Bruel

June 15, 2011 No comments

Photography and art direction: Edrick Bruel | Styling: Mike Magallanes | Stylist's assistant: Eugene Sugian | Model: Maverick Lacson | Set director: Thysz Estrada | Clothes: Don Protasio, Paradigm Shift, Mike Lavarez

A little inspiration. Mori boy photoshoot by talented photographer Edrick Bruel. I actually saw (and absolutely fell in love with) these photos last week, but I'd already posted dear deer at that time, so I thought I'd save this for today instead. :)
I just love how a lot of the more fashyown people here in the Philippines are so fond of draping and layering on clothes, despite the heat and humidity. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone actually did a mori-inspired fashion photoshoot, and here it is. I'd also predicted that Paradigm Shift would be one of the labels used for the shoot. (I've been in love with ParaShift since forever, and am only waiting for them to hopefully release cream-colored pieces. Haha!) Sadly though, no OS Accessories were used. The birdskull necklace would've added a nice touch, but the styling (and everything else, for that matter) is amazing nonetheless. I'm talking too much again. See the whole set here. The photos are stunning. That is all.

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