dinner at the Hyatt Hotel

June 5, 2011 No comments

Had dinner with family last night at Hyatt Hotel. I've never actually been inside the Hyatt, though I've always passed it by during the two years I still had classes in the other side of the school campus. We had dinner at the Market Cafe where the buffet was divided into little sections, with each section catering to different tastes. Naturally, my brother and I headed straight for the Japanese section first and decided to just try all the others afterwards.

I had california maki, salmon sashimi, miso soup, fresh salad, tuna and garlic pasta, some steak, some butter and garlic shrimps, oysters, and tempura. For dessert, I had two vanilla crème brûlées, macarons, strawberry panna cotta, flan, and a crepe I shared with my brother. I wanted to get some more of the macarons though, so yummy! But I was so full by the time I was eating my second serving of crème brûlée, so I decided against it. Nothing like glorious food to end the week ♥

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