Mangaholix Manga Creation Workshop

May 22, 2011

Much delayed photos from the workshop in Fully Booked at Bonifacio High Street, two Saturdays ago. I arrived really late, at around 4 in the afternoon, so I only have photos of Aian. Had fun, despite not being able to understand much of what they said. Digital artist people talk, haha! It was fun watching them anyway. I love watching Aian draw, really. What I love even more is listening to him talk about what he loves doing the most. (And I guess I'm just really lucky that the thing he loves doing the most just happens to be drawing pretty mori girls, haha!)

I hope everyone who attended had as much fun as I did. (But learned a lot more than I did, hopefully!)

Beige chiffon and lace top, gifted by Jaro; black floral lace jacket, Forever 21; denim shorts, d-i-y; floral lace headband and ankle socks, SM Department Store; black suede wedge heels, CHICK FLICK Collection.

What I wore that day. Lace and floral overload, just because I can. Not the most inspiring outfit photos, but I just thought I'd share anyway. I seriously neeed to get a remote soon. My tripod's been sleeping in my room for too long now. I seriously need Aian for this ; ____ ;

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