dark choco mocha frappe, extra coffee

May 11, 2011 No comments

Off-white dress with kitty and bunny prints, thrifted; crochet bolero: bought from a friend; tan and cream striped ankle socks, Saizen; dark brown ankle boots, hand-me-down; lace flower headband, diy; red plastic glasses, Aian's; camel brown suede shoulder bag, thrifted.

Aian and I went to Metro Comic-Con last Saturday. Initially didn't plan on going to that particular con because I wasn't really feeling it -and- I was still sick and coughing like mad, but since I had nothing better to do that day (spending the day doing absolutely nothing with Aian > spending the day doing absolutely nothing at home), I figured a little fresh air would do me good. Only, I didn’t get any fresh air at all lol.

We met up at Galleria, then went on to Megamall for the con. Didn't see much though. Good thing we got to see friends there, else it would've been reeeally boring. Also, hello thar Yapo! ♥ ♥ ♥

After a while, we got tired of walking around Megamall. When I finally decided that I didn't have anything more to do there, like take pictures or whatnot, we decided to leave for Glorietta. We went to Timezone for a while (to take outfit photos lol), then decided to crash in Starbucks. Going there was totally against my will though, because Aian and I were still sick and drinking coffee would just make it worse. But ah, the coffee called out to us. So evil. So we got one Venti Dark Chocolate Mocha Frappe, with extra coffee. So, so much evil.

In other news, my new shoes from CHICK FLICK Collection arrived earlier this morning! :)

I’ve always wanted to buy a pair of pretty but simple doll shoes, but could never find a decent pair that’s black -and- don’t have killer heels. So happy I found these mary jane wedges. They’re perfect ♥

And where else better to wear them first but to..

Philippine Fashion Week!!~~~~

I got my Philippine Fashion Week invites from Aeyzy of Runway Productions a few days ago, so I now have invites for five shows— Forever 21, ForMe, SM Department Store, Wrangler, and Regatta. Not sure if I can go to all of them though (I already forewent the SM Dept Store show), because I'm still feeling a bit under the weather -and- because I need to be in Bonifacio High Street on Saturday for the Mangaholix Workshop, but I'll definitely be in SMX for tomorrow's shows. Forever21 and ForMe!

To whoever's going, see you guys there! ♥

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