love letter to japan + going back to my high school

March 5, 2011 No comments

Knit cardigan, Charter Club; light grey cutsew, thrifted; floral shorts, BF Ruins; black tights, Bayo; rubber-soled clogs, hand-me-down; key and feather charm necklace, Funky Closet.

Tried mori-gyaru today. Or at least, a very toned down version of it. It's still more mori than it is gyaru, but I quite like it. After all, it does give me an excuse to wear really short shorts with my mori coord, haha. I also put my hair up! I tied my hair up into two buns, something that I haven't been able to do ever since I started having my hair cut really short whenever it reaches a certain (rather awkward) length. The last time I had my hair up in buns was when I was still in high school, when some of my classmates used to do it for me whenever we had free time. That was what, six or seven years ago? I don't even remember anymore, really. But I digress. Now I've been trying to grow my hair out, and it's gotten pretty long already. Which means that I can play around with my hair more, yay! :)

Aian seems to really like this mouse hairstyle though, for some strange reason. Which is weird, because most of the guys I know prefer that their girlfriends have their hair down. Not that I'm complaining, haha! I'm completely happy with the fact that I have a partner who's open to my way of dressing up and such. I'm grateful, really I am.

On the subject of high school, I went back to my Alma Mater yesterday, Manila Science High School. Nothing much has changed, not really, only the faces of the people walking around the corridors. (Oh, and there was that huge dome that made the whole quad look green, too, but you get what I mean.)

While I was there, this pretty girl approached me and introduced herself~ Her name is Clarisse. I only knew her from Facebook, and that she attended conventions and such. It was my first time meeting her. She was so cute and sweet; we talked about random things about MaSci, and she even asked if we could take a photo together! I was so taken aback because I didn't at all expect that. Of course, I asked to take a photo with her too ♥

It was fun going back, even though I didn't have anyone to reminisce with. I know this sounds kind of cheesy coming from me, but the whole time I was there I just kept having flashbacks of memories from when I was still a student, not gonna lie. Needless to say, my going back was nothing short of nostalgic. And of course I had to take one last photo before leaving..

Hallway mirror, how I missed you so.

Now, I'd love to keep rambling on about my visit, but for now, I need to get some sleep. Will be attending a cosplay event in a few hours. Good night loves! Hope you all have a lovely weekend ♥

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