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March 30, 2011 No comments

Lovely florals, neutrals, and muted colors for Spring. Or in my case, Summer.
Photo sources: SEDA March 2011, haroni on Flickr, Liz Lisa, SZ Style by Shez, and Mayo Wo's blog.

In other news, I have new contact lenses! Well, just newly opened. I've had these for a while now, and only decided to open them yesterday. These are JBE Jelly Circle Lenses, also known as EOS G-208 Lenses, in Pink. These lenses were sponsored by CandyBlush Shop ♥ Will post a (very much delayed) review of these lenses, plus the blue lenses that I always wear. I'll get to that soonish :'3 I've been really busy trying to get my online shop up and running, so I haven't had much time to take outfit photos or make reviews and such. But I'll get to that soon! Have a lovely week, everyone!

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