Monday meeting at St. Marc Cafe

22 May 2015

Met up with Kawaii PH friends at St. Marc Cafe in Greenbelt last Monday. Ashley, ChiChi, Anne and I decided to hold a meeting so we could talk about this Saturday's School of Kawaii workshop. The last time I saw Ashley was during Kawaii in Manila 2, so I was really excited to see her! I was also excited to introduce her to Tomo-san of Prettyfab, because I knew they would click right away. (And I was right, ehehe.) I suggested that we meet at St. Marc's (which I kept calling "Chococro", lol) because I really wanted to see the place. It was sooo cute. The front shop window caught my eye instantly! So pretty. I got to try their Iced Matcha Latte and their famous Chococro, which were both super yummy! I was hesitant to try the iced matcha latte at first, because I like my matcha lattes sweet and milky. I was really surprised to know it was to my taste. I plan to come back next time though, with Aian, so we can try their parfaits~! Have you tried any of the desserts from St. Marc Cafe? Let me know which ones you think are good! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

School of Kawaii Lesson 1: Let's Draw Cute Things

18 May 2015

Hi everyone! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Today's blogpost is a little bit special, since it's a KawaiiPH-related post! Last May 9th, I attended the very first School of Kawaii workshop, Let's Draw Cute Things with Little Miss Paintbrush, at The Bunny Baker Cafe ♥ The School of Kawaii is a series of workshops conducted by Kawaii Philippines as part of our fund-raising campaign, Kawaii Fund. ChiChi aka Little Miss Paintbrush is the Creative Head of Japan Lover Me, Main Kawaii Artist/Illustrator of Kawaii Philippines, a contributing illustrator of the hit tween mag Total Girl Philippines, and the owner of the handmade crafts brand Whimsicute. I wasn't there for any *official* KawaiiPH duties or anything, but I thought I should attend to give ChiChi some moral support~! (Also, I really wanted to have cake that day, ehehe.)