Gothic Angel Eclipse Violet *

July 28, 2016

It's been a while since I did a contact lens review, hasn't it? The last one was more than a year ago, I believe! This might be surprising to some long-time readers of my blog—the me of a few years ago would have a new contact lens review almost every other month. The reason why I haven't been reviewing lenses anymore.. well, let's just say my eyes have become more sensitive over time, so these days I've become more careful with trying new lenses. Or at least, I make sure to only have two to three lenses open – one natural pair for normal days, and one or two for days I feel like wearing something cute. A big difference from years ago, when I had at least five (!!) lenses opened at a time.

Even though these days I try to minimize the use of contact lenses (I stick to wearing my glasses if I'm staying at home or just going out for a few errands), I can't completely let go of them as they've already become an important part of my whole look. From time to time, I still look around for new and interesting designs to try. Just recently, I received a new pair to review from LensFlavorsGothic Angel Eclipse Violet Lenses.

O-kun Fiesta 2 + Blush Con haul

July 25, 2016

Hey everyone! Today I thought I'd share with you some of my recent fandom-related acquisitions. This is the first time ever that I'm sharing a haul that's not of clothes, makeup, or skincare! To be honest, I was actually wondering if people would be interested in seeing my ACG (anime/cosplay/gaming) event hauls, since I always post about my other purchases anyway. I even sent out a tweet asking about it last night, but before I knew I already had a post drafted and ready to be published the next day. That said, this is totally spur-of-the-moment, but I hope you like it! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ☆

life lately // June & July

July 20, 2016

Hello everyone! Apologies for being MIA again. I've been in a bit of a slump and haven't been able to do anything blog-related recently. I actually have a ton of things I want to write about, but I'm the type that has to feel good to be able to get good results — if I don't feel like doing it 100%, I save it for later. It's just that this time, "later" turned out to be after almost two weeks. Sorry! Here's a quick (yet very image heavy) life update.

Coron 2015

July 7, 2016

Since my last blogpost was (somewhat) summer-themed, I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you photos from our Coron trip! The trip itself was aeons ago, in February 2015, but I realized that I never got to share photos or talk about the trip here on the blog. These photos have been sleeping in Lightroom for more than a year, and I'd forgotten all about them until I saw Kaila, Ashley, and Chichi's "Boracawaii" blogposts. It seems like such a waste not to share these photos of beautiful Coron with everyone, so here they are, with a bit of commentary from me ♥

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