4x4 // Instagram favorites #6

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

@marco149 // marco149.com - A recent favorite, I discovered Marco's work through Yagi Arisa's Instagram. I saw her photography work for Little Sunny Bite and I liked it a lot. Marco's dreamy style was right up my alley, so I followed her Instagram right away.

@mielllsucre - I was hesitant to add this person to the list, to be honest. I meant for this post to feature only photographers, and I wasn't sure if she was actually a photographer or just a person who takes photos (there is a difference!), but I really like her photos! The only info she has on her Instagram is that her name is Marilyn/まりりん, and that she likes cute things. I think she used to take photos for Grimoire's Hitomi's Styling section, before Hitomi started doing photography as well. I tried looking around for her portfolio but I couldn't find anything. All I found that her name sometimes pops up on sites like DROPTOKYO and Grimoire. So strange and mysterious.

@ice_lace // shinhyerim.com - Shin Hyerim is the first Korean photographer I found on IG. I found out about her when I stumbled upon her photography account, where she posts her actual work. I chose to share her personal one, because I like seeing how other photographers see ordinary day-to-day things. For example, I learned that aside from photography, she enjoys hanging out at cafes, and that she does shoe design on the side. She seems to be friends with Lee SungKyung as well; I love it when she posts photos of her on her photography account.

@ninagawamika // ninamika.com - Last but not least, one of my all-time favorite photographers, Ninagawa Mika ♥ NinaMika is well-known in Japan for her signature style of photography-- vivid and richly colorful --and I love that it's reflected even in her day-to-day photos.

That's it for this month's installment of 4x4! Took me a while, I know! To be honest I had a hard time choosing photographers to feature, since I only follow less than 10 on Instagram. The reason why I follow so few photographers is because I don't really like following accounts that only post official work. (I do follow a couple of photographers like that, but only because I can't find their work anywhere else.) Don't get me wrong-- I think using Instagram as a platform for showing your work is a great idea. I just prefer seeing photos that show bits and pieces of the photographers' daily lives. And I think being relatable is important, because that makes people understand you a bit more. Like for me, I like that I get to see what kind of environment these people live in, what they do for fun, where they get their inspiration, stuff like that.

For next month's 4x4, I'll feature some of my favorite LARME girls! I know a lot of people are interested in LARME-kei and girly style these days, so I'll try and choose 4 of my favorite LARME girls next. It'll be a bit hard because I'm following about 10 of them, haha! By the way, I recently revamped my old Tumblr. I turned my black and white Tumblr (I got tired of it.. sorry. I know some of you liked that blog) into an inspiration dump. It's mostly pink and girly things now, but I'll try to share more diverse things. (The key word being try.) And I still have my J-fashion Tumblr. I changed the name, but it's still the same one. Feel free to follow whichever fits your fancy, heh. Happy Wednesday! ♥

Kawaii PH Halloween Party

Friday, November 13, 2015

Hi everyone, long time no blogpost! I apologize for neglecting my blog as of late. I've been extremely lazy, doing nothing but binge-watch SSINNIM's videos these days.. BUTTT I finally got around to editing these -- photos from the Kawaii PH Halloween Party at Staple and Perk Bakery! Not a lot of photos though. Mostly selcas and photos with beloved friends I haven't seen for a long time. I arrived extreeemely late, just a few minutes before the event ended (´;︵;`) I was lucky I even got to take this many, since a lot of people went home right after.

As for my outfit, I've said this a dozen times on my SNS already, but I really wanted to wear something inspired by Crimson Peak since we'd just watched it days before the event. (I absolutely LOVED it, jsyk.) Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right pieces for it, so I decided to just dress up as a white cat. Thinking about it now, should I have gone as the White Rabbit instead? Since I was late and all, ha ha ha.. _(:3 」∠)_

Judging by everyone's faces by the end of the event though, I can tell they all had a blast at the party. It was my first time attending a Halloween Party ever, and I was so happy just seeing everyone in their kawaii/kowaii outfits! (Although I wish I could have spent more time with everyone.. next time, definitely!) Big props to the whole Kawaii PH team for the successful event! Looking forward to the next one! ♥

P.S. For a detailed report of the party, check out this post by my fellow Kawaii PH Blogger Mica! Happy weekend!