slow summer days – 15/52

April 22, 2017 No comments

This post almost didn't make it this week, lol. AccuWeather RealFeel is always at around 🔥43°C🔥 these days so I've been putting blogging off even though I've been raring to go since last week. My heart wants to, but my body doesn't!! Please cooperate, body! 😭

i.Fairy Nobluk Brown *

April 16, 2017 No comments

Hi everyone, happy Easter! So sorry for being MIA recently. Since it was the Holy Week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a super short break from blogging. I'm really glad I did, because now I'm feeling a lot more energized and ready to work on new posts!

Today's post is a contact lens review! I've finished reviewing most of my old lenses, so I'm finally able to move on to reviewing new ones. For this post, I'll be reviewing lenses that I received from the lovely people over at LensVillagei.Fairy Nobluk Brown* ✨

cat lady life – 14/52

April 12, 2017 No comments

Today's 52 project post only has photos of cats in it. I stayed indoors the whole of last week because of deadlines, and the times I wasn't wracking my brain over what to write were spent watching the kids sleep or do silly things with boxes. But to be honest, this is pretty much all I do during the times I'm not eating, sleeping, slapping on skincare, or creating blog content. I just sit and watch whatever the seven cats are doing. So you can probably consider this as an "a week in the life" post, haha.

Maxclinic Meso Change Program *

April 6, 2017 No comments

For this installation of my BNTbox reviews I'll be introducing Maxclinic's Meso Change Program*, a new and exciting product from the Korean luxury spa clinic brand. I previously got to try and review their Purifying Vitamin Oil Foam and Cloud Embo Masssage Brush*, so I was very curious and excited to see how this new product would be like!

Kicho Camelia Sleeping Pack *

April 5, 2017 No comments

Hi everyone, I'm back with another review for BNTNews International! I received my March BNTbox in the mail a bit late this time, and because I have a personal rule of testing each item extensively (at least 1-2 weeks) before making a review, my BNTbox posts are a bit behind schedule as well. The item that I'll be reviewing today is from a brand that I discovered via the BNTgirls program and have come to love since – Kicho! I previously reviewed their Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream* and their Sheep Oil Cream*, both of which have found their places in my current skincare routine. This time, I'll be reviewing Kicho's Camelia Sleeping Pack* ❤

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