the kawaii girl uniform

24 March 2015

Romwe cardigan, tights ♦ Rainbowholic x LucyPop Japan Kawaii Girl UniformCandy Kawaii Lover skirt ♦ platform sneakers c/o Rainbowholic Shop

So happy to finally share this with everyone -- the Rainbowholic x LucyPop Japan Kawaii Girl Uniform! I first saw this at Kawaii in Manila 2, and I liked the design very much. I was so happy when I received one from Kaila earlier this year, as a gift for officially joining the Kawaii PH blogger roster (*´艸`*) I liked it so much that I wore it immediately and began thinking of ways to style it! This is what I came up with -- two looks that best show my personal style.

The first one is a feminine look - I wanted to show everyone my ~*~mature~*~ side, while keeping to the girly style that I like a lot. To be honest I didn't think red and lavender would work well, but I'm glad I (somehow) managed to pull it off. The second one is a more cutesy, casual look. Red and pink, for me, is a fail-safe color combo, so this was easy for me to come up with. (Also, looking at it now, I kind of look like I'm wearing my blog, don't you think? Haha!) So, which one do you like? At first I really liked the first one, but I'm very biased towards pink so I started liking the second one more. I'm very fickle! Which is why I wanted to do two looks in the first place, haha! I plan to do a variety of other looks with this in the future, so please watch out for that! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

If you like the Kawaii Girl Uniform, be sure to check out this post by Kaila as well, where she talks about how she came up with the idea for it. It's very inspiring (as all of her other posts). Also, great news to those who live in Taiwan! LucyPop will have an exhibit in Taipei, so exciting! Check this link for more info: click!

4x4 // Instagram favorites #4

10 March 2015

Spring is in full force in Japan right now, I can feel it all the way here in Manila! It's probably because all my friends in Japan have begun posting photos and videos of beautiful sakura on their social media sites. (I'm so jealous! It's one of my dreams, to be able to visit Japan during Hanami season.) These days I've also been double-tapping photos of Spring collections by my favorite brands on Instagram non-stop, so I thought I'd share some with everyone. As you can see, all four of these brands are Larme and CUTiE mainstays.. just looking at this post made me realize that my taste really has changed, haha. This is actually just part 1 of my recent favorites - since I decided to only share 4 photos by 4 Instagrams at a time, I'll have to show you the rest next time. Please look forward to it ✿