photodiary // July to August 2014


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Not a lot of interesting things so I didn't blog as much, but I was active on Instagram as always. Here's a recap if you missed it!

Slowly turning into a cat lady · tried Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen's Ajitama Tonkotsu.. so good · posed for Dr. Sketchy's PH with Aian · had burgers for lunch one lazy day · spent most of my Sundays out with family · having goto for breakfast became a thing · met up with our cool friend Xandra · dug up Aian's old, untranslated Rurouni Kenshin manga in time for the second movie · finally had isaw after so long · went out to run errands and died because of the humidity · checked out the RuroKen mini-exhibit at Glorietta · went to the Spiral Cats Meet and Greet event and met Tasha (!!!) · spotted a copy of Stuppy at one of the booths at the con (and begged Aian to buy it) · Mimi turned 5 months old.. kitties grow up so fast · watched Kyoto Inferno and died because of the awesome · had milk tea and takoyaki, nom · went to Aian's parents' place and saw SO MANY KITTIES · but, as I thought, nothing beats coming home to your favorite kitty in the world · attended a mini-workshop by Heroine Make · more Mimi, more food, and even more Mimi.

As you can see, my Instagram is pretty much a mix of my face, food, and cats. (Also, wao, do you see how much crap I stuff my face with? I can't help it though.. I'm the type who values taste over nutritional value orz) I really need something new to do to break the monotony, like a new hobby. But, as expected, real life is hard, huh. The good news is, it's already September! Just a little more until December. Can't wait to go back to KL~! Comic Fiestaaa 2014~!! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ But first, Kawaii in Manila 2!! It's finally happening tomorrow!! Are you readyyyyyyy~? I'll be there the whole day. See you all there~! おっしゃlet's~おっしゃlet's~おっしゃlet's世界征服だ☆

Heroine Make now in Manila!


Heroine Make is finally in Manila!! I've been waiting for this brand to reach local shores for a long time now- I'm so happy it's finally here! The famous cosmetics brand from Japan has now made its way to the Philippines with its affordable yet amazing eye makeup, BB creams, and powders to name a few. I dropped by the Beauty Section at SM MoA's Department Store yesterday for a mini-event by Heroine Make, to see it with my own two eyes! The event featured a demo on natural makeup by Japanese makeup artist, Sayuri Igarashi. I've been watching Japanese makeup videos for as long as I can remember, but seeing it being done live is really something else. Super quick and natural makeup in under 30 minutes! After the demo, I got to play with all their products. This is already pretty obvious, but the products I'm most excited about are the eyeliners! Eyemake that stays intact even when you cry? Yes please! Check out Heroine Make at Watsons and SM Stores' Beauty Section! Be your own heroine with Heroine Make! (◡‿◡ฺ✿)